# Liveries

# General

  1. The 24H SERIES ESPORTS uses a custom livery pack throughout the season.
  2. Trading Paints is not used. To avoid conflicts or flashing of skins, we recommend not to run Trading Paints when running in the series' sessions.
  3. All cars are required to have a custom livery for the season.
  4. It is possible to change livery during the season.
  5. Team skins must be submitted at least 7 days before each race.
  6. All liveries must be approved by the organisation.
  7. An entry cannot participate without an approved livery.

# Compulsory decals

  1. The championship uses custom championship decals. These decals will be provided by the organisation.
  2. The series decals contain (but not limited to):
    • Car number panel on the front doors
    • Windscreen streamer
    • Any other advertising, published separately
  3. The positions of the decal stickers will be the same for all cars in its class.
  4. The background of the car numbers of each class will have its own color:
    • Orange for GT3, GT4, and 992
    • Blue for TCR

# Livery requirements

All custom paint schemes that are received by the series administration will be reviewed and must be in compliance with the 5 key principles listed below.

  1. Teams must have written consent from the companies involved, to be allowed to run sponsors' logos on their car. The written consent must be made available upon request from the organisation.
  2. Logos of products that compete with iRacing (e.g. Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo) are not allowed. The same goes for logos of automotive brands that compete with the brand of car that is being driven.
  3. It will be strictly forbidden to use any logo which:
    • directly or indirectly promotes tabacco.
    • promotes any other product restricted by law to minors (e.g. knives, alcohol, etc).
    • shows any political message.
  4. No ‘parodies’ of logos / intellectual property are permitted. This includes any or all attempts to use the likeliness or inspiration of a logo, and also includes other race car designs as an example.
  5. Any logo already available in the iRacing Paint Shop may be used, without written consent.

Additional requirements:

  1. Any stickers and logos referencing other (real-life) series are forbidden.
  2. Logos of any tire manufacturers are forbidden, except Hankook.

# Spec maps

  1. Teams may use custom spec maps to complement their livery.
  2. Spec maps must be submitted as a TGA file type.
  3. Teams must make sure the spec map file does not interfere with the compulsory decals.
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