# Virtual 24H SERIES supplementary regulations

This page contains the supplementary regulations for Virtual 24H SERIES. These regulations apply only for this series.

# 1. Calendar

# 1.1 Events

Round Event Date
1 12H SPA 4 July 2020
2 12H BARCELONA 22 August 2020
3 12H SEBRING 7 November 2020

# 1.2 Events time schedule

  1. The time schedule for each event can be found on the Creventic website:
  2. The times in the time schedule are in CET.

# 2. Championship

# 2.1 Championship

  1. The following championship titles will be awarded at the conclusion of the season:
    • GT3 class championship
    • GT4 class championship
    • 991 class championship
    • TCR class championship
  2. There are no drop races. Every race counts for the championship.
  3. The championship points will go to the entry and not the drivers.

# 2.2 Points structure

  1. The points structure is according to article 39.5.2 of the 20202 Sporting & Technical Regulations (opens new window).
  2. In order for an Entry to score points, the car must be classified. Conditions for classification can be found in article 4.13 of the 24H SERIES ESPORTS regulations.
  3. If two or more teams finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the championship shall be awarded to:
    1. The team with the highest number of wins.
    2. If the number of first places is the same, the team with the highest number of second places and so on until a winner emerges.
    3. In case of a further tie the criterion for breaking the tie is by comparing the quickest race lap time in all races for both teams. The team with the most fastest lap times emerges as winner.

# 2.3 Prizes

  1. Class winners receive a prize.
  2. If the team is linked to a realof each race, win a free set of Hankook tires.
    1. To be eligible, the team must:
      • be linked to a real-life team and run the their name.
      • use the same livery as used in real-life.
    2. The prize is as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.
  3. When a class winner is a sim racing team, the entry receives a €250 cash prize.
  4. Prizes are not transferable.
  5. The set tires won at the 12H SPA and/or BARCELONA can be redeemed in the 24H SERIES EUROPE and is valid through 2020.
  6. The set tires won at the 12H SEBRING can be redeemed in the 24H SERIES EUROPE and is valid through 2021.

# 3. Entry requirements

# 3.1 Entry requirements

  1. For the whole season the roster of the entry has a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of five (5) drivers.
  2. An entry will be confirmed by the organisation once:
    • The entry form is submitted
    • The entry fee is fully paid
  3. The car choice and car number are set for the entire series.
  4. Teams may change car during the season, but they will lose the championship points previously earned.

# 3.1 Driver requirements

  1. There are no driver requirements for this championship.
  2. Drivers are allowed to switch entries.

# 3.3 Entry fees

  1. The entry fee is per entry.
  2. The entry fee for each race is €50 per entry.
  3. The entry fee for the entire season is €125 per entry. This is non-refundable.

# 4. Sessions

# 4.1 Hosted session settings

  1. All series events take place on Dutch servers, unless exceptional circumstances prevent this.
  2. All series events are open setup events.
  3. All sessions hosted by the organisation are team sessions.
  4. Teams are expected to connect to the server with the correct team, with the right team ID, car, and car number.
  5. All series event starts are rolling starts.
  6. The weather of each series events are set to dynamic weather.
  7. The skies are set to dynamic.
  8. The maximum grid size is limited to 55 cars.
  9. Track state is set to automatic from start. Track will be cleaned between sessions.
  10. In-game time and date settings are as follow:
Round In-game date In-game time of green flag
12H SPA 4 July 2020 12:00
12H BARCELONA 22 August 2020 12:00
12H SEBRING 7 November 2020 12:00

# 4.2 Qualifying

  1. The qualifying session, that will determine the starting grid, is a multi car session divided in three parts:
    • One 15 minutes session reserved for GT3 class.
    • One 15 minutes session reserved for 991 class.
    • One 15 minutes session reserved for GT4 class.
    • One 15 minutes session reserved for TCR class.
  2. Cars that cross the finish line before their allotted time is over are allowed to finish their lap.
  3. Using text or voice chat on the @drivers, @allteams and @club channels are prohibited during the qualifying session.
  4. During qualifying session it is prohibited to go on track while it’s the turn of another class. Race Control shall notify the teams when their respective sessions are open. Penalty: Disqualification from the qualifying session, resulting in no time.
  5. Cars who don’t set a time have to start at the back of their class.

# 4.3 Gridding

  1. The grid is sorted by time.
  2. Cars who have to start from pit lane shall not grid and wait for the “missed start” button to be shown on the launch screen. Any cars that have to start from the pits must wait for the last car on track to pass pit exit before exiting the pits. It is the responsibility of the team to give the signal for their driver to join the track.
  3. The grid time may be extended by race control, to follow the time schedule.

# 4.4 Formation lap

  1. During the formation lap drivers should follow the car in front, or the pace car, at a steady speed and distance.
  2. Gaps between the classes are not allowed. This is at the
  3. Excessive weaving to warm up tyres is prohibited, as it creates potential hazards to other drivers and provides minimal benefit.

# 4.9 Start

  1. As soon as the safety car leaves the track at the end of the formation lap, the field is paced by the driver on pole position.
  2. Once the class leaders are in control of the field they must ensure that their actions do not cause issues of safety for those behind them, for example slowing down again. When causing dangerous situations, a penalty is at the discretion of the stewards.
  3. The organisation designates a starting area, where the pole sitter can accelerate and start the race.
  4. A class is racing under green flag when the pole sitter accelerates or when iRacing displays the green flag. It is allowed to overtake everyone before the start finish line except overtaking the class pole sitter. Penalty: Appendix 2.

# 4.10 Driving Time

  1. iRacing's fair share is in effect for this championship.

# 5. Race control

# 5.1 General

  1. This championship uses iRacing's automated race control system and incident limit.
  2. All incidents are counted toward the incident points.
  3. Drive through penalty limit: 150 incidents and every 20 after.
  4. Severe incidents are investigated by race control (e.g. causing deliberate incidents and/or retaliation).

# 6. Race penalties

  1. All penalties, given by race control or iRacing itself, must be served under green flag conditions.
  2. Incident limit penalties are given automatically and have to be served within three (3) laps.
  3. Teams are allowed to combine serving a stop and go penalty with a regular pit stop. iRacing adds 15 seconds to the penalty when you perform a regular pit stop.
  4. It is not allowed to combine a pit stop service with a drive through penalty.
  5. Race control shall not reverse penalties generated by iRacing itself, except for force majeure.
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