# Introduction


24H SERIES ESPORTS is a series organised by Creventic BV and NEO Endurance.

The purpose of the regulations are to supplement, and not replace, the rules defined by the FIRST Sporting Code on iRacing. By joining the series, all participating members of an entry (drivers, non- drivers and team managers) are expected to fully read and understood both the regulations and the FIRST Sporting Code.

The regulations apply to any Practice, Qualifying or Race sessions within the championship, which are hosted by the organisation.

Stewards from race control may race in the championship. When racing, the they act as a driver and not a steward. When the driver is out of the car and in the Race Control TeamSpeak channel, they act as a steward. A steward won't investigate incidents when the team car is involved.

24H SERIES ESPORTS is a series organised by Creventic BV and NEO Endurance.

# Definitions

Car: The vehicle of an entry.

Championship: 24H SERIES ESPORTS.

Entry: A group of drivers racing together in a car is called an entry.

Organisation: The organisers of the championship, in this case, Creventic BV and NEO Endurance.

Team: An entity or person who has registered a team for the season. A team can have multiple entries.

# Privacy policy

  1. By registering for the Championship, the Team, the entry, and its drivers have read and agreed with the privacy policy.
  2. The organisation will only use the information gathered from the entry forms for the Championship and communicating the team managers and its drivers.
  3. The entry and its drivers agree the organisation can publish the following information on the NEO website and social media channels:
    • Nationality of entry and drivers.
    • Name of nationality and drivers.
    • Possible entry website url.
    • Possible entry Twitter handle.

# Latest changes

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