# 6. Communications

# 6.1 General

  1. Official in-race announcements from race control will be done via iRacing over the @RACECONTROL radio channel.

  2. Using text or voice chat on the @drivers, @allteams and @club channels are prohibited during the race or qualifying session. Penalty for using chat during race sessions is at the discretion of the stewards.

  3. It is prohibited to send direct messages to the driver of another entry during qualifying and the race. Penalty for sending private messages is at discretion of the stewards.

# 6.2 Discord

  1. NEO Endurance has a Discord server available for teams, drivers, broadcasters, as well as fans.
  2. The NEO Discord server can be found at the following link: NEO Discord server
  3. All team members are expected to be available on the NEO endurance Discord server during the race.
  4. Race control uses text messages to contact teams directly through Discord.
  5. Race control may summon a team member to the stewards (voice channel on TeamSpeak).
  6. The team is expected to reply to messages, questions, or requests from race control.

# 6.3 TeamSpeak

  1. TeamSpeak is used for voice chat communications.
  2. All team members are expected to be present on TeamSpeak during the race.
  3. The TeamSpeak server is also used for interviews during the race.
  4. Teams and/or drivers are expected to be available for interviews during the race. These interviews are held the NEO Endurance TeamSpeak server.
  5. The server information will be provided through the drivers briefing document.

# 6.4 Drivers briefing document

  1. On Wednesday before each series event weekend all team managers and drivers receive the drivers briefing from the organisation by email.
  2. The drivers briefing contains important and latest information about the upcoming event for all drivers and crew chiefs.
  3. Team managers are responsible for ensuring all team members received the briefing
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