# 6. Communications

# 6.1 General

  1. Official in-race announcements from Race Control concerning race procedures will be done via iRacing over the @RACECONTROL radio channel or the in-sim text channel.
  2. Using text or voice chat on any public channels in the iRacing server is prohibited during the race or qualifying session. This includes preset messages such as Pass Right, Thanks, Pitting In. Penalty for using chat during race sessions is at the discretion of the Race Director.
  3. Sending private in-sim messages to a driver who is out on track is prohibited during the race or qualifying session.

# 6.2 Discord

  1. 24H SERIES ESPORTS has a Discord server available for teams, drivers, broadcasters, as well as fans.
  2. The 24H SERIES ESPORTS server can be found at the following link: 24H SERIES ESPORTS Discord server (opens new window)
  3. A representative from each team is expected to be available on the 24H SERIES ESPORTS Discord server during the race.
  4. Race Control uses text messages to contact teams directly through Discord.
  5. Race Control may summon a team member to meet them in the voice channel on Discord.
  6. Teams are expected to read and reply to messages, questions, or requests from Race Control.

# 6.3 Drivers Briefing document

  1. On Wednesday before each series event weekend the Drivers Briefing will be posted in the 24H SERIES ESPORTS Discord server.
  2. The drivers briefing contains important and latest information about the upcoming event for all drivers and teams.
  3. Team managers are responsible for ensuring all team members are familiar with the Drivers Briefing.
  4. Where the Drivers Briefing contradicts these regulations, the Drivers Briefing is leading.
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