# Appendix 1 - Red flag procedure

# Procedure A - iRacing server and/or race information gets lost

  1. "Red Flag for this session" is announced on the 24H SERIES ESPORTS Discord server.
  2. Race Control save information on current standings.
  3. Race Control give a ten minute warning before the session is launched again on Discord. Teams must reconnect within the first 10 minutes of practice. Session info: Practice 10 minutes, Qualifying: 5 minutes, Race: 360 minutes (minus time already passed and 20 minutes for Red Flag period) Standing start.
  4. Practice starts and teams join.
  5. Qualifying starts, no one sets a time.
  6. Gridding starts. Except for overall leader, no one starts on the grid but start from the pits. Only car on grid is overall leader.
  7. Race begins, no one exit pits before Go from Race Control.
  8. Overall leader goes around the track and stops just before the S/F line and waits for the rest of the field to park in a single line behind.
  9. Race Control announces the car numbers of the teams who must exit pits, by overall position, starting with the leader, 2nd place, 3rd place and so on including cars laps down. Cars exiting pit must park in a single line behind next car just before S/F line.
  10. When the last car is back on the track and parked in the right order, Race Control announce "One more lap" under pace speed. The field starts moving at pace car speed.
  11. During this lap, Race Control will penalise the cars in each class who were laps down to their class leader. Those cars will be black flagged and held in the pits for the number of laps they were down to their class leader. Cars who are 15 or more laps down to their class leader will be held for maximum of 15 laps.
  12. At the end of the last pace lap, everyone must form a single line. Then lapped cars (ones with the black flags) have to move to the left or right side of the road (depending on which side pit entry is). After the final corner, the overall leader can restart the race. No overtaking until after S/F line. Lapped cars drive single file into the pits to serve the penalties.
  13. Green flag, back to racing.

# Procedure B - iRacing server and race data is intact, but cars disconnect

  1. Red flag is announced on iRacing @RACECONTROL voice and text channels
  2. Race Control save race information and standings
  3. All cars slowly go to their pit stall, without overtaking others. Turn off your engine in the pit stall.
  4. All teams are allowed to take tires, fuel, repairs etc., and those connecting back in are as well
  5. Team managers need to go to Drivers Briefing channel in Discord to get the latest information
  6. Once all teams have re-joined the server, Race Control will announcing the cars to get out of pits at pit speed in the order that they are supposed to run. This means that gaps will be essentially erased, but cars that are still a lap down will be, with the appropriate laps down.
  7. The overall leader has to have pit speed limiter enabled all the time. When other cars catch up, they too apply pit speed limiter. Please keep a good amount of space for the restart.
  8. First, GT3 cars go out grouped together, then 992, GT4 and lastly TCR. Race Control call out the order of each class, which you are allowed to restore out on track.
  9. If there are cars that are a lap down further from where they are supposed to be, Race Control will wave them around and ask them to slot back in the same spot once they make it around.
  10. Once everyone is out on the track, we announce to the teams to go back to green in two steps:
  11. Race Control announce “15 seconds to green flag”
  12. “Green flag, green flag”. Restart must be single-file.
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