# 2. Registration procedure

# 2.1 Registering entries

  1. An entry will be confirmed by the organisation once:
    • The entry form is submitted
    • The entry fee is fully paid
  2. Entry applications must be submitted through the official entry form.
  3. All accepted entries will be confirmed in writing.

# 2.2 Required entry information

  1. The organisation requires the following information from all entries:
    • Entry name
    • Car number
    • Team id
    • Nationality of the entry
    • Name of the team manager
    • Email address of the team manager
    • Class of the entry
    • Preferred car number
    • Optional: Twitter handle
    • Optional: website

# 2.3 Required driver information

  1. The organisation requires the following information from all drivers:
    • Name
    • iRacing id
    • Nationality
    • Email address
    • Discord username
    • iRating at the time of registration
    • Optional: Twitter handle

# 2.4 Registering an entry with an invitation

  1. The top six (6) entries in each class from 24H SERIES ESPORTS season 1 earned an invitation for season 2.
  2. An entry with an invitation may apply to any of the classes. Only the first seven (7) entries that apply to a class will be guaranteed a spot in that class. An entry may specify a primary and secondary class to which they want to apply.
  3. Each entry with an invitation has fourteen (14) days from a set date to complete their registration. After this period the invitation will expire and will become available for a new team.
  4. The invitation may only be accepted when it meets the following requirements:
    • At least one (1) driver from last season remains.
    • The entry from prior season remains the same.
    • The entry must have the same team manager as previous season or one (1) driver from previous season must be the new team manager.
  5. A team that no longer qualifies under these new rules can apply for 'force majeure' to be judged by the organisation on a per-case basis.
  6. The organisation reserves the right to deny any entry for any reason.
  7. When registering, the invitation teams must make sure to comply with the rules. It is solely by the discretion of the organiseres to decide if the invitation is valid based on the regulations.

# 2.5 Registering a new entry

  1. Teams who do not have an invitation will have to participate in pre-qualifying.
  2. The goal of pre-qualifying is to make a selection for the remaining available spots on the grid.
  3. The number of available spots will be determined after teams with an invitation have registered.
  4. After the entries have been selected as a result of pre-qualifying, they will have to complete the registration (paying entry fee, filling out details etc.). If they don't complete the registration in 72 hours, the spot will go to the next entry in line.
  5. The organisation can, upon request, give more detailed reasoning to decisions from the pre-qualification session, either verbally or written. This should however, be regarded as a statement, and no further discussion will be entered into the decision.

# 2.6 Pre-qualifying procedure

  1. Each class gets, when necessary, its own pre-qualifying sessions.
  2. Multiple sessions will be available throughout the day.
    • Start times of the sessions:
      • Session 1: 08:00 GMT
      • Session 2: 13:00 GMT
      • Session 3: 18:00 GMT
  3. All sessions have the same settings:
    • Track (layout): Donington Park Racing Circuit (Grand Prix)
    • Practice session duration: 20 minutes
    • Qualifying session duration: 180 minutes
    • Time of day: Afternoon
    • Track state: 100%
    • Weather: iRacing default:
      • Temperature: 78ºF/26ºC
      • Humidity: 55
      • Wind speed: 2 MPH/3 KPH
      • Wind direction: N
      • Sky: Clear skies
      • Dynamic Sky: OFF
      • Dynamic weather: OFF
  4. At least two (2) drivers of each entry must drive a stint of at least ten (10) consecutive clean timed laps. The fastest ten (10) consecutive clean timed laps will serve as the reference stint time for the driver.
    1. Only drivers on the roster of the entry may participate. Times from non-registered drivers are disregarded.
    2. Both drivers do not need to participate in the same session.
    3. Entries are allowed to field more drivers, only the two (2) fastest driver’s times are counted.
    4. Drivers may participate in multiple sessions, in an attempt to improve their time. Only the times from the last participated session will be considered for each driver.
    5. When a driver enters a new session, the times from the previous session will be revoked.
  5. The average of the two (2) best stint times (best stint time of each driver) will serve as reference for ordering the entries.
  6. Entries who were unable to complete the two (2) mandatory stint times are not eligible for the reserve list.
  7. The two (2) drivers who qualified the entry are required to be on the roster for that entry, for the first two (2) events of the season.

# 2.7 Updating the roster

  1. To add a new driver during the season, please send an email to the organisation.
  2. The email must contain at least the following information for each driver:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • iRacing id
    • Nationality (two letter country code)
    • iRating
  3. Include the entry number the driver needs to be added to.
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