# 1. Teams/Entries/Drivers

# 1.1 Entries

  1. An entry for the championship is for the whole season, which means all events on the schedule.
  2. A team may have a maximum of two entries in each class.
  3. In case of less than 30 confirmed entries for the championship one month before the first race, the championship will be cancelled.

# 1.2 Entry requirements

  1. At any point during the season, the driver roster of an entry must have a minimum of two and a maximum of six drivers.
  2. Entries are able to change the roster between events. See article 2.7 how to update the roster.

# 1.3 Driver requirements

  1. All drivers must meet the following minimum requirements at the time of registration:
    • 2000 iRating or higher;
    • D 4.00 or higher road license.
  2. If a driver is added to an entry after the start of the race weekend, marked by the start of FP1, the entry will receive a time penalty at the start of the race.

# 1.4 Car selection

  1. Teams have the ability to switch cars (within the same class) until the deadline.
  2. The deadline for switching cars is between pre-qualifying and the first event of the season.
  3. The deadline will be communicated to the teams separately.
  4. The final choice of car is locked for the entire season.

# 1.5 Car numbers

  1. Each class will have a range of numbers which teams may choose from.
Class Car number range
GT3 2-99
992 902-999
GT4 402-499
TCR 102-199
  1. Numbers are given on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The team that completes its registration first, gets priority.
    • Number 1 is reserved for the reigning champion in the GT3 class.
    • Number 901 is reserved for the reigning champion in the 992 class.
    • Number 401 is reserved for the reigning champion in the GT4 class
    • Number 101 is reserved for the reigning champion in the TCR class.

# 1.6 Entry fees

  1. Teams register entries, and not drivers, for the championship. There is an entry fee per entry.
  2. The entry fee is €150 ex. VAT per entry, which is one car in one of the four classes.
  3. The team manager will receive information and instruction for payment, after their entry has been approved by the organisation.
  4. If the championship is cancelled, according to article 1.1.3, the organisation will reimburse all entry fees.
  5. Any entry fee received by the organisation, after the start of the season, remains acquired and will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

# 1.7 No-shows and withdrawals

  1. Entries may miss up to two races in the season, if they give prior notice.
    1. When an entry misses a third race, the entry will be withdrawn for the remainder of the season.
  2. The notification must be submitted in writing (via email).
  3. The deadline for submitting the notice is the start of FP1.
  4. If an entry does not attend two races without notice, the entry will be withdrawn for the remainder of the season.
  5. The first team on the reserve list, of the same class, will be invited to take the spot made available by the withdrawal. The newly invited team does not have to pay the entry fee.
  6. The entry fee will not refunded in case of withdrawal by the team or by the organisation.
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