# Submitting liveries

# Download the template

  1. Download the templates from our website (opens new window).

  2. Add the decals for your car to your paint.


Make sure to remove iRacing's default car number panels, as well as any other series branding. Also any tyre branding that is not Hankook!

  1. Remove all but one of the SimRacing Unlimited sponsor logos at the front of the car.

  2. Export the skin as TGA, with the decals but without car numbers.

    • The organisation will add the car numbers to the skins.
    • Settings for tga:
      • Resolution: 24 bits/pixel
      • Compress (RLE): checked (important!)
  3. If you have a spec map, also export this file as TGA.

# Submitting the livery

  1. The livery must be submitted through the Paint Submission Form. Please read the instructions carefully!

Paint Submission Form (opens new window)

  1. If there are any issues with the paint, the team manager will be contacted.
Last Updated: 7/27/2022, 11:36:12 AM