# 7. Race control/Penalties

# 7.1 General

  1. All series' events will have live race control, consisting of multiple stewards monitoring on-track activity.

  2. Race control has the ability to hand out penalties to drivers who fail to drive in a clean, fair manner, act recklessly, or otherwise affect the spirit of competition within this league.

  3. Race control may remove drivers off the track if they feel that their speed/lap times are too slow, or if they pose a risk to other drivers due to their driving or internet connection. In this case, a driver will first be warned and given time to correct this. In the event the issue persists, the driver shall be ordered to retire from the race and be replaced by another driver from the team in the car.

# 7.2 Incident review procedure

  1. Race control may review incidents when:

    • the stewards witness an incident live
    • iRacing registers a car contact (4x)
    • a team reports an incident.
  2. The stewards aim to interview all involved parties when necessary. Teams must have at least one team member available at all times. If a team is not replying, their perspective will not be considered.

  3. The race director informs the entry of the infringement and penalty. The decision is also published on the digital notice board.

  4. Incident happening within the last 10 minutes of the race are reviewed post-race. If a penalty is given, the duration of the penalty will be added to the total race time.

  5. Any decisions made by race control during a race are final. Drivers or teams may not argue with the decisions of race control during a race.

# 7.3 Reporting an incident

  1. Entries may report incidents to race control.

  2. The entry who is reporting must be directly involved in the incident.

  3. The report must be submitted within 30 minutes after the incident happened.

  4. Entries are encouraged to look on the notice board before reporting an incident. Race control may already have noted the incident.

  5. The report should be submitted in writing and must contain the following information:

    • car(s) involved
    • the nature of the incident
    • timestamp for the incident (timestamps can be found in the replay toolbar)


Incomplete or incorrect reports are discarded without notice.

# 7.4 Penalties

  1. Following penalties may be imposed by race control:

    • Disqualification from qualifying
    • Starting from the pits
    • Time Penalty
    • Lap Penalty
    • Drop of positions in the classification
    • Warnings
    • Any other penalties at discretion of the stewards
  2. Penalties are given to the car number, which means not the individual driver but the complete entry. The Race Director can make exceptions on this (e.g. regarding driving behaviour).

  3. All penalties must be served under green flag conditions.

  4. Time penalties must be served within 90 minutes after the entry is informed about the penalty. If a team doesn't respect the time frame, the penalty will be doubled.

  5. Time penalties received during the last 90 minutes of the race:

    • Each Penalty > 30 seconds: Must be served before the finish of the race. If not served by the entry, the penalty will be doubled and converted into laps at discretion of the race director.
    • Each Penalty ≤ 30 seconds: If not served by the entry, the penalty time will be processed post-race and added to the entry's total race time. These time penalties will not be doubled.
  6. Race control shall not reverse penalties generated by iRacing itself (e.g. cutting the course or speeding in the pits), except for force majeure.

  7. A time penalty may be combined with a regular pit stop (taking fuel, tires, driver change, or optional repairs).

# 7.5 Penalty procedure

  1. After being informed about a penalty, the entry will acknowledge receiving the notification from race control.

  2. To serve the penalty, the car stops in the designated penalty area. The penalty time starts the moment the vehicle comes to a complete stop (0 kmh). Only after the completion of the time penalty the vehicle may leave this area and continue on to the pit box for regular service.

  3. The entry is obligated to see that the time penalty is carried out in the proper manner and at the appropriate place. Race control will only check that the penalty has been served.

  4. After serving the penalty, the entry will notify race control through a text message in Discord.

  5. Race control will check if the penalty is served completely.

    1. Race control uses the video timer to time the penalty.
    2. A tolerance of 0.1 seconds is permitted. A stationary time of 4.9 seconds for a 5 second penalty should therefore be treated as valid, while a time of 4.8 seconds should not.
  6. Time penalties served incorrectly, will be treated as not being served.

  7. The designated penalty area will be pointed out in the drivers briefing document.

  8. Multiple time penalties may be served at once, as long as they are served within the timeframe defined in article 7.4.4.

  9. Teams are not allowed to stop in their own pit box to serve a time penalty enforced by race control.

  10. Penalties given by iRacing (e.g S&G or S&H) must be served within three (3) laps after receiving the black flag. The team must make sure to follow the instructions from iRacing, otherwise the car will be disqualified.

    1. Race control will not correct the added time (by iRacing), when a team decides to combine a S&G/S&H with regular pit stop service.

# 7.6 Post race protest

  1. A post-race protest not previously dealt with can be filed after checkered flag has been waved at each racing event and up to 24 hours after. To file a post-race protest, send an email to protest@neo-endurance.com with the following:

    • a replay file of only the incident (not the entire session/race)
    • a brief description of the team’s or driver’s point of view of the incident.
  2. The post-race protest must be filed within one (1) day after the race event race day. This means that if the race is taking place on a Sunday, the deadline for the post-race protest is the following Monday at 23:59 GMT.

  3. The stewards will review the incident and publish the decision in the #notice-board channel on Discord and the league's topic on the iRacing forum.

  4. Post-race penalties may be appealed by the penalised team only up to 24 hours after being posted. The appeal must be sent to protest@neo-endurance.com. Decision from the appeal will be posted as soon as possible.

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